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June 24, 2007


Lon Kieffer

This trend is not isolated to Maine. The "Maine" thing is for the healthcare industry to begin educating the public about expectations and acceptance. Twenty-five years ago when I joined the minority "Male Nurse" force I entered a profession that was rewarding, stable and Noble. While the profession continues to be Noble it is less and less stable and in some cases, not overly rewarding.

When often unavoidable outcomes results in multii-million dollar settlements we clearly have an environment where reality and expectation no longer meet. Since when did Zero tolerance become Zero common sense?

Our industry needs to undergo some serious Workplace Culture Change initiatives in tandem with medical-legal tort reform so we can bring the joy back to the profession. If we return to the root of healthcare; people caring for people, we will have a chance to increase the numbers of those entering the profession.

In the meantime, we need to spend a bit of time "Defending the Caregiver!"

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